Promoting better economic, social cultural and environmental alternatives for the OSA community  
Carrying out activities, sharing knowledge and experiences with respect and love 


About Los Higuerones


Los Higuerones is a cooperative center and community hub located on the Osa Peninsula Costa Rica 

Los Higuerones Cooperativa initiates impactful local projects and also offers space & resources locally in the Osa Peninsula, 

At Los Higuerones we strive to reactivate our local connections in a way that promotes and celebrates equity, biodiversity, and culture. 

We are a place and people that initiates, facilitates and connects the diversity of communities that make up the Osa. 

Through stimulating connection between and among people we believe that a thriving local community and economy that celebrates and honors the abundance of the Osa peninsula is not  only possible, but is already in motion. 



We organize and support events and programs through the cooperative that bring together the diversity of communities here to repair, strengthen and advance a relocalized future.

Manos Cambiados

Manos Cambiados, a project that started in May of 2020, works with local subsistence farmers to help them with larger projects on their land.

Cajas de Abunduncia

 Cajas de Abunduncia sends weekly Cajas Verde boxes to vulnerable families in need and is funded by generous donors on Go Fund Me.

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By organizing and supporting community activities we bring together people in place to strengthen and celebrate our connections and growth


Weekly Farmers

We host  a farmers market to provide a space for community gathering and stimulate a direct connection between farmer and consumer. 


We organize and support community and cultural activities and host gatherings that bring us together in delight and cohesion. 





Drum Circle

Ecstatic Dance

Guitar Lessons
Or host your own!

Conversation Cafe 

Based in an ethic of curiosity, mutual respect and a desire to connect, these conversations foster greater community cohesion.  

No upcoming events at the moment


Find your space to support and inspire others


Event/class/workshop space

We organise and support activities where talent can teach others. Tours, farmers markets, yoga, music classes, performances, educational workshops, initiatives and local exchanges.

Co-working spaces
(Coming Soon)

We offer flex space to local entrepreneurs, digital nomads and those needing  high speed fiber optic internet to start and grow their business and connect with others.

Transformational Kitchen & Processing
(Coming Soon)

A transformational kitchen and processing facility is being designed and developed to provide farmers, food producers and community members with a place to transform and elevate the abundance of the Osa’s harvest

What's New

Our learning journey
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