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Our Impact

Thanks to all the people and donations that were gifted to us, our actions have generated a lot of regenerative and sustainable impact.

Read more about some of our proudest accomplishments below.

  • Hosted 34+ Manos Cambiadas since the program began (engaging 100+ volunteers, supporting 14+ local producers)

  • Donated 750+ Cajas de Abundancia to families in need

  • Accompanied local producers in distributing 110 weeks of local food through our weekly market while mentoring and supporting the local producers in taking over the running of the market for themselves

  • Created many opportunities for community meetings and spaces focused on strengthening the connection between local groups, individuals, and organizations

  • Facilitated multiple community partnerships related to education, social inclusion, entrepreneurship, and capacity-building

  • Are currently maintaining an important community space that responds dynamically to what community members need at any given time

  • Are currently offering affordable rental spaces for community wellness classes (yoga, ballet, taekwondo, etc.) and people that are engaged in local community projects

  • Hosted 50+ work traders (volunteers) who developed regenerative and sustainable leadership capabilities, such as:

    • Experience what being in service to a local community can look like

    • Knowledge about regeneration and sustainability

    • Working and living from Emergence

    • Enhancing skills in no waste living, upcycling, gardening, construction, storytelling, and community service ship

    • Holistic healing practices, plant medicines, etc. 

Find out more about the ripple we are creating with our work by watching our brief video about Manos Cambiadas or read more about the impact our volunteers experience here.

 14 +

Local producers supported through our work

100 +

Manos Cambiadas

volunteers deployed

750 +

Cajas de Abundancia supplied to families in need

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