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Celebrating Three Years of Los Higuerones

February 2nd marks three years since our very first community gathering and the opening of the doors of Los Higuerones Cooperativa. We’re so proud of everything we’ve been able to achieve as a community since then. Here’s a snapshot of some of our important work in helping to fuel the local economy of this precious bioregion:

  • Hosted 34+ Manos Cambiadas since the program began (engaging 100+ volunteers, supporting 14+ local producers)

  • Donated 750+ Cajas de Abundancia to families in need

  • Accompanied local producers to provide 110 weeks of distributing local food through our weekly market while mentoring and supporting them in taking over the running of the market for themselves

  • Enabled a whole host of workshops and community meetings to support local groups and entrepreneurs

  • Facilitated multiple community partnerships related to education, social inclusion, entrepreneurship and capacity-building

  • Maintained an important community space that responds dynamically to what community members need at any given time

  • Offered subsidized rent for community wellness classes (yoga, ballet, taekwondo, etc.)

  • Hosted 30+ work traders (volunteers) who have gained invaluable life skills and knowledge while contributing to important community projects

"An important aspect of our work here has been to provide one of the few spaces on the Peninsula where there is a deep and heartfelt connection between and among locals, immigrants and visitors." - Tricia Stapleton, Los Higuerones Cooperativa

Our programming has been cultivated in direct accompaniment with community members and local farmers here in the Osa. This video, narrated by a core collaborator, Doña Eida, tells the story of the emergence and impact of much of our focus over the last 2+ years. We welcome you to be delighted and inspired to action:

Los Higuerones is composed of a network of people who care deeply about strengthening the resilience and connection of both the people and ecosystems that make up the Osa Peninsula. Our mission and focus has and continues to flow organically from our environment and its needs at any moment in time. In our first three years, we have learned the importance of fun, meaningful and informal opportunities to connect and share; acknowledging and celebrating the richness of this place and people, independent and apart from financial wealth, and allowing for the rich natural environment present on the Osa to guide and heal us.

What's Ahead

The Story of Place

As we look to the year ahead, our focus will be on weaving storytelling more deeply into the fabric of our work. This is an ever-evolving story in which we need to strengthen our individual and collective agency so that we can all play a necessary role in shaping the future of this important bioregion we call home.

Our aim is to develop more programming focused on helping to raise awareness and engagement around issues important to the diverse communities here, the opportunities and obstacles to a regenerative community on the Osa.

We will continue to strengthen our collaboration with other groups and entities working on issues of equity, resiliency, collaboration and solidarity on the Osa and digitally.

Aspirations for the development of a commercial kitchen and comprehensive office services are very much on the horizon once sufficient investment is secured.

At Los Higuerones, we see our purpose as being a catalyst and incubator for the stories that need to be told and the programs that need to be created to support regeneration and resiliency. We come together as a diversity of people with unique contributions to share, including a variety of forms of capital that can be funneled into responding to the most prevalent issues arising at the time. We hope to serve as an example and source of optimism for other places that are striving to build their own version of a regenerative future and solidarity economy.

Learn how you can play a key role in the continuously evolving story of Los Higuerones. Each and every contribution is necessary and deeply appreciated. Thank you for weaving this tale with us for the last three years and the many more to come.



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