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We believe that a thriving local community and economy that celebrates and honors the abundance of the Osa Peninsula, home to 2.5% of the Earth’s biodiversity, is not only possible, but already in motion. 

We strive to reactivate local connections in a way that promotes and celebrates equity, biodiversity, and culture in the Osa. As a project incubator and community hub, we work through accompaniment with local producers to leverage resources in response to the most prevalent challenges facing the region. Through organic co-creation and strengths-based direct action, we are dedicated to fortifying community resilience and regeneration. 

Our Story

In 2020, Los Higuerones initiated our very first project by responding to the high need that surfaced in the Osa during the pandemic. In the early months, our primary focus was regenerating a physical space to host the projects that were emerging through community engagement.

May 2020

August 2020

August 1, 2020

August 2021

We started Manos Cambiadas, reactivating a local tradition that invites volunteers to go out and assist local subsistence farmers with tasks that require a larger team effort to accomplish. Since then, 34 Manos Cambiadas have taken place, bringing together over 100 volunteers to directly support the work of 14 farmers.

We launched our Cajas Verdes which allows people to order a personalized box containing fresh local produce. Alongside this, we initiated the Cajas de Abundancia which allows people to donate a Caja Verde to a local family in need. 

El Mercado Verde was born. This weekly market created a space for local producers to sell their products while also enabling cross-cultural community connection among vendors and market attendees. It has evolved into being fully run by the producers now.

Everything we do is in service to the local community of the Osa.

Our approach begins with building trusting relationships that facilitate accompaniment and mutual respect. This lays the foundation for us to incubate those projects that we sense will directly contribute to a more equitable, resilient and bioregional economy.

Over time, various other community-driven projects have emerged, such as:
  • Initiating the process of establishing a production kitchen for local producers that want to offer certified products for collaborating with mainstream stores. 

  • Establishing a system for the ReGenerOsa Collective that facilitates the transfer of resources from people that love and care for the Osa to those doing essential regenerative work in this community. 

  • Creating tranquil spaces on site for local people to work, meet up, offer wellbeing services (yoga, dance, etc.), run workshops and enable social interactions.

Like life, our dreams for the Osa are always evolving in response to the needs of those residing here. We have big ambitions, yet we recognise that progress comes through small, consistent actions that invite others to join us on the path towards a regenerative society.

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