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Los Higuerones Cooperative is a volunteer-run, heart-led organization that is driven by our dedication to the mission of promoting diverse economic, social and cultural alternatives in cooperation with the community of the Osa Peninsula. We rely on the compassion and generosity of donors, both locally and globally, in order to sustain our regenerative work in this important bioregion.

We invite your contribution in helping to sustain and grow a dynamic space for collaboration, community, and growth in the following ways.

Donate Funds

You can contribute directly to the work of building a more resilient bioregional economy in the following ways:

“Rural social issues are, in my opinion, some of the most forgotten and ignored by the Government, by the entire system. Yet these are of utmost importance to a country since the rural aspect, the simplest, perhaps most ignorant and least prepared, is what sustains a nation and an economy.”

Doña Eida, Local Business Owner & Producer, known fondly by many locals as ‘The Peninsula’s Grandmother of Culture’

Become a member

We are a community initiative named after and inspired by the majestic higuerone tree that guards the entrance of our space in Puerto Jiménez. By joining as a member, you play a central role in the cultivation of a regenerative future for this place and its people. Click on the tabs below to select your contribution level.

Provide a monthly contribution of $15 or a one-time contribution of $150

In return, receive:

  • 15% discount on any paid programming offered on-site

  • 15% discount on any of our spaces available for rent

  • Access to our high speed internet

  • The knowledge that you are helping to fuel the local economy of this precious bioregion

Contribute From Other Value Flows

At Los Higuerones, we work within a multi-capital framework which means we draw on a variety of forms of capital in the pursuit of our mission. While financial resources are always needed and welcome, we also invite you to consider the many ways you can contribute in other ways, including:

  • Use your social capital to spread the word about our mission. You can support us through leaving reviews, inviting friends to attend the Saturday market, following us on social media and liking/sharing our content, etc.

  • Volunteer your time and energy to support our work in a variety of ways.

  • Share material capital in the form of in-kind donations such as building material, office equipment, furniture, appliances, etc. As a community based group, in touch with many families in need, we welcome all donations (in good shape and operational). If we cannot use them on-site, we will pass them on to appropriate recipients. Visit our in-kind needs list to learn more about how you can help.

  • Provide experiential capital by offering a workshop, skill-sharing mentorship, or by joining one of our regularly scheduled Manos Cambiadas activities.

  • Natural capital: Donate/exchange seeds and plants for our market or share excess harvests, any dry goods/food stuff or clean glass jars and bottles. Also organic compost which we’ll use to assist local farmers with their soil fertility.


Our Impact

Since we began our work in the community, thanks to the support of a handful of generous donors, we have been able to:

  • Host 34+ Manos Cambiadas since the program began (engaging 100+ volunteers, supporting 14+ local producers)

  • Donate 750+ Cajas de Abundancia to families in need

  • Accompany local producers to provide 110 weeks of distributing local food through our weekly market while mentoring and supporting them in taking over the running of the market for themselves

  • Enable a whole host of workshops and community meetings to support local groups and entrepreneurs

  • Facilitate multiple community partnerships related to education, social inclusion, entrepreneurship and capacity-building

  • Maintain an important community space that responds dynamically to what community members need at any given time

  • Offer subsidized rent for community wellness classes (yoga, ballet, taekwondo, etc.)

  • Host 30+ work traders (volunteers) who have gained invaluable life skills and knowledge while contributing to important community projects

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