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Los Higuerones Cooperativa is a volunteer-run, heart-led organization that is driven by our dedication to the mission of promoting economic, social, and cultural alternatives in cooperation with the community of the Osa Peninsula.

We are funded by the love and generosity of local and international donors who share their resources to fuel our work in this important bioregion.

Support Our Work

"Rural social issues are, in my opinion, some of the most forgotten and ignored by the government, by the entire system. Yet these are of utmost importance to a country since the rural aspect, the simplest, perhaps most ignorant and least prepared, is what sustains a nation and an economy.”


–Doña Eida, Local Business Owner and Producer, known fondly by many locals as "The Peninsula's Grandmother of Culture"

Do you want to contribute to sustaining and growing a dynamic space for collaboration, community, and growth? Look at your options below!


Financial Support

You can contribute directly to the work of building a more resilient bioregional economy in the following ways:

  • Gift a donation through our fundraiser on Better World (tax deductible) or choosing one of the options below:

  • Transferring you gift to CRCS/Possible Planet with the earmark 'ReGenerOsa Collective - Los Higuerones'.
    Affinity Federal Credit Union
    Routing number 221283512
    Account number 808 68 0402

  • Gift a Caja de Abundancia (fresh produce box) to a local family in need here.

  • Contact us if you would like to make a larger, tax-deductible donation.


Support us with in kind contributions? Click here

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Become A Member

Our name, Los Higuerones, was inspired by the majestic higuerone trees that are the guardians of our community hub. Like nature co-creates continuously, so do we, and we invite you to join us! As a member, you take on a vital role in the co-laboration of a more regenerative future for the Osa and her people by providing sustained nurturance of our projects.

Membership Tiers

Leaf Contributor

Provide a monthly contribution of $15 or a one-time contribution of $150

In return, receive:

  • 15% discount on any paid programming offered on-site

  • 15% discount on any of our spaces available for rent

  • Access to our high speed internet

  • The knowledge that you are helping to fuel the local economy of this precious bioregion

Contribute From Other Value Flows

At Los Higuerones, there are so many ways through which we can accompany each other on the road toward a more resilient economy that is in service to everyone. As we work with a multi-capital approach, we consciously draw on more than financial capital in the pursuit of our mission. Check out the other opportunities to support us below.

  • Gift your social capital by spreading the world about our mission as an ambassador. Actions, such as leaving reviews after booking activities, inviting friends to join the Saturday market and ordering the Cajas Verdes, following us on social media, and linking/commenting and sharing our content, etc.

  • Gift your time and energy digitally or in-person to support our work in a variety of ways.

  • Gift material capital, such as building materials, office equipment, furniture, appliances, etc. As a community-based group who is in touch with many families in need, we welcome all donations (in good shape and operational). If we cannot use donations on-site, we will pass them on to appropriate recipients. Check out our in-kind needs list to see how you can help.

  • Gift experiential capital by offering a workshop, skill-sharing mentorship, or by joining one of our regularly scheduled Manos Cambiadas activities.

  • Gift natural capital by donating or exchanging seeds and plants for our market or share excess harvests, any dry goods/food stuffs, or clean glass jars and bottles. Also, organic compost is very welcome and will be passed on to local farmers who are in need of better soil fertility.


 14 +

Local producers supported through our work

100 +

Manos Cambiadas

volunteers deployed

750 +

Cajas de Abundancia supplied to families in need

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