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In Kind Needs List

Because we are a community based group, in touch with many families in need, we welcome all donations (in good shape and operational).  If we can not use them on-site, we will pass them on to appropriate recipients,  also if you are viewing this message outside of our local area in Costa Rica, please only pay attention to * items as they are transportable by our international volunteers.


In kind needs list:


Household Basic needs:


Food (canned, boxed, shelf-stable, non-perishable), diapers/baby wipes, and household items/cleaning products





Beds and matresses




Building materials

⁃ wood ( boards, 2x4, 1x3, etc.)

⁃ Roofing materials

⁃ Plumbing tubes and equipment

⁃ Electrical wires and equipment

⁃ *Tools (power and hand)

⁃ Paint (new or used)



⁃ *manual or electric food processor (kitchen-Aid, mandoline, spiralizer, etc.)

⁃ *Utensils

⁃ Plates, bowls, cups

⁃ *Electric kitchen equipment (rice cooker, crock pot, juicer, blender, etc.)



⁃ shovels

⁃ Wheelbarrels

⁃ plastic/tarps

⁃ Hoses

  • Hand tools (loppers, garden knives, hand clippers, etc)


*Technology -

    Hard drive

⁃ internal

⁃ External

  Laptop computers


  Unlocked cell phones


*Office supplies

⁃ sharpie pens

⁃ White board markers