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Cajas Verdes


We have an amazing community of farmers, artisans, bakers, chefs and many more producers who have wonderful products made with love, cultivated in sync with the ecosystems, locally, without the addition of any chemicals.

With the influx of big super market chains and their "not so clean" supply chains, the market in OSA has been flooded with cheap products that are imported from within and outside the country.

Here at Los Higuerones Cooperativo, working with the community, we established a space to host a market every Saturday from 11 AM to 4 PM. This space enables the wonderful producers of OSA to showcase their products made with love and care for the community both resident and visiting Puerto Jimenez.



The market also showcases local chefs who create traditional and delicious Costa Rican food on the fugon (wood fired stove).

The space serves multiple purposes, first, it allows the producers a space to sell their products at a fair price. It creates a collective environment where inter trade can happen. It also serves as a collective medium where any customer (hopefully like yourself) can have access to all the local products under one roof.

But most importantly it serves as a place where the OSA community gets together, to celebrate each other, to revitalize the communal spirit, show care while enjoying produce, music, amazing fresh food and each other's company.

We understand it might not be possible for you to visit us and our beautiful community every Friday, but that does not mean you must deprive yourself from all the fresh produce you wish you could buy and all the delicious food you wish you could be having ! and hence Cajas Verdes were born.

Cajas Verdes are your own personalized green boxes which you can fill up with all the amazing products from the market.

You can order by visiting our whatsapp cataloge right here !

Or Scan our Cajas Verders QR Code !

"Choose your favorite products from the catalogue,
or order a surprise Caja Verede:  A box of the week´s
fresh, local 
products available from our community´s
producers specially curated for you every week.
Only for
5000 "

Delivery Options:

1. Pick up Los Higuerones Sat 5 PM onwards to Sun 5 PM.
Los Higuerones

2. Pick Shanti Wasi Matapalo Sun 1 PM onward.

3. Express delivery

By choosing Cajas Verdes you:

  • Get access to all the locally produced fruits and vegetables by OSA
    community farmers.

  • Have the option to choose the freshest milk and dairy products.

  • Indulge in the mouthwatering bakery products, both sweet and savory, produced locally made in a small bakery.

  • Get to order the freshly prepared salas, tamales, Sopas and many more dishes from the fugon.

  • Support the economic growth of all the artisans, producers, cultivators who put heart into their product and soils to produce these products in sync with the nature and ecosystems.

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WhatsApp Image 2022-07-09 at 12.32.23 PM.jpeg
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Still Have questions ?

Write to us here or contact us on whatsapp, we'll be happy to answer them the best we can

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