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Support Los Higuerones

At Los Higuerones we believe in employing a poly-capital approach to inviting in participation.  While financial resources are always needed and welcome, we also invite you to consider the many ways you can contribute and value the various types of capital.

Social Support 

Influence and connections are social capital. A person or entity who has ‘good social capital’ can ask favors, influence decisions, and communicate effectively. Let others know your opinion of what we are doing at Los Higuerones.  Please support us through reviews, liking, sharing, etc. through all of our communication channels. 

Financial Support

 We have a gofundme page where we can receive funding through PayPal.  We also have access to non-profit status in the US, Europe and Costa Rica through generous fiscal sponsors.  Get in touch directly to find out more about how you can donate, invest or financially support our work or give today through:

Spiritual Support

We invite you to help us to hold the vision of an Osa as a place whose beauty, vitality and unique flavor are preserved, celebrated and envisioned a new.  Also, if you posses skills in modalities of individual and social healing that you would like to put in service to our community, we welcome that support as well.


Experiential Support 

Whether you have experiences to share or would like to accumulate more experiential wealth, we welcome your collaboration. Offer a workshop, skill sharing mentorship, join in one of our regularly scheduled manos cambiados.

Living Support

We receive and exchange seeds and plants for our menguante markets and would also welcome receiving excess harvests from your land or any dry goods food stuff you or your guests have.  In addition, we are constantly striving to assist area farmers with their soil fertility so if you have excess organic compost, we would welcome it into our program of manos cambiados.

Material Support - In Kind

We have many in-kind needs from building material, to office equipment, furniture, appliances and the like. If you have excess material wealth that you would like to share with the broader community, we can help you get it redistributed where it can be put to good use.

Because we are a community based group, in touch with many families in need, we welcome all donations (in good shape and operational). If we can not use them on-site, we will pass them on to appropriate recipients, also if you are viewing this message outside of our local area in Costa Rica,

Please click here to see our In - Kind needs list

please only pay attention to * items as they are transportable by our international volunteers.

Intellectual Support

Intellectual capital is best described as a ‘knowledge’ asset.  We welcome collaboration from people on the ground or in the cloud, either through casual volunteering, more sustained and long-term assistance or an internship/apprenticeship.   

Click here to go Canva

Cultural Capital

Story of Place is a current focus of our efforts which helps to surface and celebrate the shared internal and external processes of a community – the works of art and theater, the songs that every child learns, the ability to come together in for storytelling and deep reflection.  If you have an interest in helping to increase the cultural capital, present here, please get in touch.

For all of these areas of focus, please send an e-mail directly to

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